Tuesday, May 29, 2007

MetroAustin CD Artwork

Live worship album done at MetroAustin - a Christian worship service of college-aged men and women in Austin, TX.

Chicago Photos

The objective of this project was to photograph our favorite thing about Chicago. This photoshoot was set at the Farmer's Market in downtown Chicago. Every year from June 1 to October 30, farmers from Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana make their way to the city to sell fresh produce. Since I'm originally from a country town in Southern Virginia, the Farmer's Market is like a little piece of home coming to the city.

The objective of this photoshoot was to photograph a product or an object in an interesting setting. I chose a red scarf and placed it in various areas in Lincoln Park. I wanted to show a scarf in it's "element" - a chilly autumn day.

Monday, May 28, 2007

And Go...

So here you have it.
I've decided to start a Blog dedicated to showcasing my design work.
I'm still learning Web design, so I figured until I'm able to make my own site, I would just use this.

So here is some recent work...

This is a 7"x7" book. I had to document 24 hours of a normal day of my life and make a book out of it. I wrote the copy and took the photos.